Fort Wayne Window Tint

Block Harmful UV Rays

Reduce Heat and Glare

Safety and Security

Window Tint Special

Whether you want to increase your privacy while on the road or want to prevent glaring, the experts from Auto Spa in Fort Wayne, Indiana, have a window tinting solution for you. Simply come to our shop and let us add a tinted film to your glass.

Cool, Custom Look with Many Benefits Commonly used to give cars a customized look, window tinting also offers a plethora of benefits other than giving your vehicle a cool appearance. In fact, adding a tinted film to your automotive glass increases your comfort, reduces UV ray exposure, and adds value to your vehicle!

2 Window Tint


Best for most trucks and SUV’s

Windshield Strip


The perfect accessory to any vehicle

Multiple Colors and Darkness Available, Call us now for pricing and options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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In stock and ready for install.

Please call for darker tint options.